FontForge install procedures
for cygwin under MS Windows

Installing from a pre-built package

Before you install

You must insure that you have cygwin installed on your system. Cygwin is free. (cygwin makes MS Windows look enough like unix to allow fontforge to run there).

Obtaining one of my pre-built packages

I post a cygwin install package on sourceforge's file release system. There's a certain amount of pother involved in using the file release system, but you get the file eventually.


I have no idea where your browser put the package you have just downloaded. This is unfortunate as I can't tell you exactly what to do next. But find the package (often it's on the desktop) and then move it into C:\cygwin\home\<username>. (where <username> is whatever name cygwin gave you)


Caveat: cygwin has a different approach to the file system than Windows. A filename like C:\windows\fonts\arial.ttf will be called /cygdrive/c/windows/fonts/arial.ttf under cygwin (backslashes are replaced by slashes, and the initial drive "C:" becomes "/cygdrive/c".

Similarly a cygwin filename "/home/<username>/myfont.ttf" becomes "C:\cygwin\home\<username>\myfont.ttf"

Caveat: Do NOT try to install a font by using fontforge to write the font directly to the Windows\Fonts directory. This doesn't work. Windows needs to do some magic when installing a font that it can't do if fontforge writes directly there. Instead have fontforge create the font somewhere else and then use Windows' own drag & drop technique to move the font from there into Windows\Fonts.

Caveat: I've been told that on Win 98 you need to have "Microsoft Network Login" installed to run X. I never found this to be true myself, but if you have problems it might be something to try.